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World's End Lodge Eagles Nest - Lower Ohiya Sri Lanka Hotel Review - Horton Plains

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(Updated Sep 2010)

Judging a hotel by how you get to it is like judging a book by its cover. The drive to World's End Lodge, Lower Ohiya (drive on the A4 past Belihuloya and turn right at Kalupahana Junction and keep going up, up and up) was excruciating. When we turned off from the A4, we saw some lights, high up and far in the distance, and joked that that was where we were going. When we got to the hotel, we felt like a couple of jokers: that was where we were. The last bit of the climb is a series of hair pin bends with signs painted on rocks urging you forward "just a hop skip and a jump," etc.

We walked out of the car around midnight - we left at 7pm - and our minds were blown. There is no light pollution and you're high up on a mountain: the stars are clearly visible, seemingly just out of reach. For me, it was as if I was really seeing our night skies for the first time, so clear were they. Another sign of how high this was - even inside the room, you can hear the wind whistling and swirling around angrily, banging at the windows.

We got set up in the new wing called Eagle's Nest. The rooms cost us Rs 3,800 per person nett from Friday's dinner to breakfast on Sunday. The older wing was Rs 500 cheaper per person but we figured, what the hey, let's splurge like the OGs we are.

The rooms are new but basic. We didn't find the lack of A/C a problem at this altitude but the thin-and-not-that-comfortable mattresses were an issue. The bathroom was brand new and very clean with running hot water. The pool is a natural pool but hadn't been cleaned for a while with quite a few leaves and insects swimming around. And it was cold, freezingly so.

The food was really good. Basic Sri Lankan food like fried rice, rice and curry, string hoppers, etc. served buffet style but pretty well done with vegetables from their garden.

I want to give special mention to the tea, which is spectacular - we drank pots of the stuff. I'd suppose it'd be easy to get good tea with Haputale just down the road and also really good water this high up but, as so many Sri Lankan hotels botch it, World's Ends Lodge's version is even more commendable.

Activities are limited to carrom and swimming but there is good hiking if you're willing to improvise a little. We walked to Bambarakanda Falls - 18km - through jungle, multiple river and paddy field, asking for directions and picking off leeches all along the way.

Rooms - basic with clean, new bathrooms. Food - basic but good. Location: amazingly gorgeous. World's End Lodge is definitely a place for your bucket list.

Hotel Name: World's End Lodge
Address: Lower Ohiya, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 57 567 6977
(Rates are around LKR 4,730 (old wing) and 5,280 (new wing) per head for Friday dinner to Sunday breakfast for locals/expats - Sep 2010)
More Photos: World's End Lodge on Picasaweb

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  1. Whilst I agree to the view which is nothing short of spectacular, I think that was probably the only positive that I saw when I went there.

    I got fed up of the place even before I came to it, as the road leading to it was horrendous to say the least. It is the most awful road ever that I have seen, let alone drive and the misfortune fell upon my poor car which had to toil away on practically small rocks + stones with sharp jutting out pieces all along for like 1.5km.


    I unfortunately had to book the old wing rooms which had filthy bed sheets and a leaking toilet. My fortune didn't change when I asked for a new room as that had a broken tap and a leak from the commode.

    Swimming Pool was a horrid mud basin with loads of mud nicely settled at the bottom and dust particles and leaves floating on top, making it a forbidden site even for an animal.

    The Food was just crappy to say the least and there was an Egg Curry, which had just half an egg without the yoke... Need I say more about the food.. and yeah probably the waiter was on leave and I think we had the caretaker lay out the food, still in his filthy blue Shirt which either had not been washed or has quite a few permanent patches. Hope he wasn't involved in the cooking as well :(

    We had unfortunately taken a package for 2 nights. We arrived at around 4p.m. and left the following day by 9 a.m. and guess what?? for all the "hospitality and blah blah blah...they charged us the entire Package Fee, when we didn't stay there for even half a day.

    Anyway if you are really serious about enjoying your holiday/vacation/trip, PLS do not go to World's End Lodge. You will waste your Vehicle and the Tyres, Money, Time and at the end of the day it would have deprived you of any Fun which you could have had elsewhere.

    Trust me on this, cos I have been there and it's a real crappy place.

    Request the Blog Owner to pls post this as I'm just telling my experience and based on that my opinion of World's End Lodge.


    1. Went to Worlds End Lodge last week(June 2012).I made the reservation through the Manager who is apparently stationed in Colombo and the only person who will give the rates etc. I specifically told him that I was going there with my daughter. Not knowing where the rooms are exactly I naturally booked the weekday for Rs.3,800/- and the weekend from Friday to Sat. at Rs.4,800/-. He did inquire if I wanted the TV, but I said No. cause I saw no necessity for one during the holidays. He kept calling me many times to make sure I deposited Rs.5,000/- in the account to book the room due to other reservations. I made the payment. Since I was going by train, I needed transport to WEL.and he made arrangement for a 3 wheeler to take us there which cost Rs.1,100/- from the station to the Lodge. In all the cost of transport to and from the station to the Lodge cost Rs.2,200/-. The three wheeler man does all the marketing for them and he is there all the time. I am sure he does not charge that much!!!The road was very bad from about half way to the Lodge. The Manager had booked me into the Old wing. As soon as we arrived at the Lodge, the waiter takes my daughter and me all the way up to the Old wing which was absolutely deserted. No one was there - which means no one had actually booked any of the rooms there. To stay there with my 18 yr daughter for the night was not very advisable with no one in sight and unknown people. At least the Manager could have advised me on that. I would have considered taking the rooms in the new wing. Anyway, I just took the bags and moved into the new wing at the bottom of the Lodge. Although I had booked for the entire weekend including Friday, I left the next day by the morning train. We only had dinner and sandwiches were given for breakfast on the train. The waiters are pleasant. The pool had not been cleaned with rust marks all along the edges including a frog...The toilet tap was leaking. Two foreigners who were there for about 3 days had a row with the person incharge when they were leaving cause they warned us to make sure we pay the price we
      agreed on. The good things out of the place - magnificient view, good pot of tea.Not a place for the elderly, young children and babies cause a doctor or emergency is a good 45 minutes to town.

    2. is this real .. last year my friends was their.... but not like this.. i want to go their.. pleas tell me is this true..

  2. to Anonymous for 35 dollars for two nights and two days.. you cant ask for more.. if wanted to relax you should've picked the Grand Hotel not something at worlds end. Worlds end is about the breath taking view and for the adventure..

    1. Its not money..the total experience.. and the hospitality.. If you want only the view take a mat , a tooth brush and a bucket..then go to knuckles

  3. 27th to 29th May 2010

    The location is absolutely awesome the view magnificent, but there are a few hiccups at the hotel..... the rooms and the food is not up to expectations and standard. The rooms/ washrooms were nor very cleaned. The road leading to the hotel really needs to be fixed cause at times u really are not sure if you'll fall off the cliff as the road is really scary. The staff is ok not the best.

  4. Thanks for this post. Good to hear they have added a new wing :)

    Yes this is not a hotel for easy going type. Ideal for those who prefer bit of adventure and some exciting nature views.

  5. I am planning to visit this place in Feb 2011.
    Has anybody visited this place recently?
    How is the road leading to the Lodge? Is it very bad? I am planning to go in my new car. Do you think I should change my mind and hire a vehicle?

    Someone pls comment

  6. Yes they have made the last 1 k.m of the road with cement and the road is now good.
    This was my 3rd visit and even the old wing they have refurbished with dialog TV and telephone systems.

    I have found the rooms and the food served excellent & value for money in all my visits.
    For Rs 3800/- for two nights and two days you cant ask for more!

    Certainly this place is not for the faint hearted!

  7. Any recent visits. What is the current room prices?
    What about the road?

  8. Even the new wing is totally run down now. We got bed sheets, pillow covers and blanket from the previous guest, brand spankingly unwashed. Same goes for the towels. Please take your own sheets and towels. Also the new wing rooms make you feel cluster-phobic as no balconies at all. Old wing is like sleeping in a bus stand. The owner is sitting on a gold mine, because this is a great location. This would be an ideal location for the government to acquire under the new law (joking).

  9. Any recent visits?
    What is the condition of the rooms?
    Is the road good enough for a car?

  10. i am going to visit this place this december season. pls advise me about present situation.

  11. All these are lies & I have been there from the very first days & I recommend for who love nature will love this place...

  12. I have been to this place for more than 4 times and I'm planning a trip again in coming February, I don't recomend this place for people who look only for the comfort/good-food and not the enviorenment.
    This is one of the most beautiful places in sri lanka with a magnificent view.
    If you need to get comfortable accomadation near hortain plains you should try The Plains.

  13. Any recent visits?