Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rock View Motel Sinharaja Sri Lanka Hotel Review - Kalawana Ratnapura

rock view motel sinharaja kalawana sri lanka view of forest from balcony
(Updated Sep 2010)
Many hotels in Sri Lanka have evocative names that they do not live up to - "beach" hotels with minimal, unswimmable beaches, "resorts" which barely meet the criteria of a single star and "eco" lodges which are eco only because the plumbing doesn't work.

Rock View Hotel (Motel?), near the Sinharaja rainforest, is not guilty of this. The view from each room (on the upper floor, at least) is breathtaking. Standing as it does, on the edge of a tea mountain (mountain of tea?), the view from the balcony is of the entire valley below and of the hilly range above it, encompassing paddy fields, pine forests, mountains and mist.

The food, which can be brought to the room and eaten on the balcony, was good, basic and cheap - a single portion of fried rice serves 2 and costs 220 net. For some reason, the township of Kalawana only has chicken, so for those of you who like red meat, you should take your own. No liquor or beer is served, so for those of you who like to drink, you should also bring your own.

rock view motel sinharaja kalawana sri lanka bedroom bathroomThe rooms and bathrooms are basic but new. We had problems with the towels and linen which were a little old and worn (and mismatched: a problem for those of you with aesthetic sensibilities) and the pillows, which had seen better days many, many years ago.

The service was really good with the hotel staff bending over backward to please us. The full board rate is LKR 5,500 nett and Room Only is LKR 3,300 nett. R/O is what I recommend - you can order whatever food you want on the menu which is cheap. The entire bill for 2 meals and 1 night of lodging came to LKR 4,800, which, taking into account the experience of eating fried rice and drinking a rum and coke on the balcony, is totally worth it.

Hotel Name: Rock View Motel (Hotel?), Sinharaja
Address: Kalawana, Ratnapura, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 45 567 7990 / 777 714024
Rates (all inclusive): The full board double rate - Sep 2010 - is LKR 4,950 and Room Only is LKR 2,200 (Room Only is recommended - order from the pretty good menu)
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  1. I can't believe you left out letting us know if the rooms are airconditioned or not! Most foreigners would have a very tough time in Sri Lanka without a/c!

  2. Yes, the rooms are airconditioned. But, no, you won't need it - the mountain air is cool and comfortable.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0kPq6OhB74&feature=channel_video_title

    view from the balcony :) we stayed there back in 08 :)

  4. I think this blog must be updated..i was there recently and it has improved immensely compared to the writer's view..had a wonderful stay there last week:)

  5. customer service extremely very poor.There is no proper guide line between staff and owners.Even they don't know how to treat to the customers.

    Foods also in very poor condition.finally the location is good but other customer handling and services and foods also very poor.

    we are very disappointed with the rock view.

    this is a real experience

  6. Hi, Can anyone send me contact details for the place please? Thanks.