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Landa House Belihuloya Sri Lanka - Balangoda Sri Lanka Hotel Review - Best of 2008

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Landa House hotel Belihuloya Balangoda Sri Lanka gate in forest In 2008, I have stayed at over 30 hotels. Of some of these - the ones that either impress or depress me greatly - I have written about in this blog. Toward the end of the year, I had to visit Badulla for a presentation. The hotel I stayed at was the one I liked the most for 2008 or any year.

Belihuloya has always been a nice place to stop on the way to the southern hill country for a rice and curry at the beautifully located rest house along the oya (river). This time, though, I found Landa House, through a friend, which is even more beautifully located.

Landa House hotel Belihuloya Balangoda Sri Lanka waterfall by black rock wall About 10 minutes from Balangoda on the newly carpeted A4 road, before you come to the bridge and rest house, you turn right and go down the steep hill. You keep going past the point where you think your car can return safely and you enter a beautifully overgrown garden with huge trees.

The hotel is a forest of water. It is overgrown with green and overrun with water. As you descend the staircase to the river, all you can hear is the roar of water from the surrounding water features.
Landa House hotel Belihuloya Balangoda Sri Lanka treehouse It has four rooms in two buildings, each one far from each other. It is so overgrown with trees that if you're in one building, you can't really even see the other building. One building has two connected family rooms, each one with a big bed, TV/DVD and loft bed.

The other, closer to the river and more private, has two unconnected rooms that are more suitable for couples with river views and four poster beds but no TV/DVD. It also has a tree house, which is more like a Swiss Family Robinson treehouse than anything I've seen: a proper staircase leading up to it and a full bed with a spring mattress hung hammock style.

We stayed in one of the rooms overlooking the river. All the food was delivered to the room with no complaints; we had it on the balcony. The food is basic Sri Lankan food, cooked by a cute little old lady from nearby. Landa House hotel Belihuloya Balangoda Sri Lanka view from balcony

As I was writing this, I realised that there's just no way for me to describe just how great this place is. So, I created a photo walkthrough with 90 odd photographs so you can see just what Landa house is like.

The best part is the price. Our total bill came to just 5,500 which included three meals for two people and drinks (non alcoholic - no license) .

Landa house is now our favourite hotel. We like it because it has the best features of the more expensive places (like Sun House) that we've stayed but is absolutely a unique creation in and of itself. Landa House hotel Belihuloya Balangoda Sri Lanka view of paddy field with lawn chair The way the buildings are integrated into the landscape, the design of the rooms, the little nooks they leave you to find for yourself, the unfussy, obliging service and most of all, the forest and water, left us wanting to return over and over again. Anyone who wants to take a romantic getaway and find themselves completely alone and undisturbed is advised to do the same.

Hotel Name: Landa House
Address: Belihuloya

Directions: On the A4 (high level road) past Balangoda
Phone: +94 772 923366 / +94 452 280288
Rates (all inclusive): LKR 2,500 weekdays/3,500 weekends for room only. Food works out to around LKR 500-700 per meal for two.
More Photos: Landa House on PicasaWeb

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  1. If we going to stay at 2Days what are the places we can go around from LandaHouse..?

  2. Looks amazing! Thanks so much for the tip!

  3. someone asked the places u can go, u can go to duyaluma falls, and bambarakanda falls , two of the most beautiful falls in the island......u wud love those places.......and some ancient walwwas (palace)...

  4. We would like to have a chance in your place on 30th (after 12p.m.) of June to 02nd of July (morning) as a newly married couple. We need lot of privacy and what are the specifications you can offer to meet our expectation. (eg: tree house)
    And please let me know charges. best regards with anticipation.
    Kanishka. Colombo.

  5. Kanishka: Sorry, I don't own Landa House: this is just my review of my visit there. Call the phone number for reservations/rates.

  6. Hello Jaliya just a heart felt appreciation on your blog. After reading your independent review I visited the place and spent an enjoyable two nights. It was everything you mentioned plus more. By the way I was talking to their Managing Director over the phone and he says that your review has brought them more business than any other promotional work they have done. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi! I just got back from Landa,Belihuloya few hours ago.The place is nice but,the prices are far too high-Rs.400pp for breakfast (One bulls eye,toast,jam,pol sambol& slice of papaya)Dinner is Rs.600 for basic rice and curry with chicken or fish.Hello? Green Cabin charges less!
    The bill had lunch charged as well which was incorrect.

  8. Tharinda HettiarachchiNovember 4, 2010 at 9:14 PM

    Hi All,

    The manager/Caretaker of the bungalow did not know how to talk to customers. I had really bad experience when i try to cancel my booking more than week before. He talked me very rude and i never ever came a cross such bad experience.

    The owner (Mr. Priyala Malaviarachchi/ Jeffrey Van der Lee) should have talk to him otherwise the hotel will lose their interest among the nature loving people.

    We will never go their again and won’t recommends to any friends of our even though its in very nice place.


  9. I call today,and they said 5300.00 per double room(half board). compare with other hotels this is expensive.
    Triple room rate at River Garden is 6100, Belihul oya rest is 6900 and water garden -7810. Also Bambarakanda rest is 1800 per head(cottage).

  10. I love the Belihuloya resthouse - I only like the treetops rooms overlooking the river though - and i've visited the other places you speak of.

    However, Landa House is nothing like any of those places. Landa is still cheap in your comparison but, even if I had to pay twice as much to stay at Landa, it would be worth it :)

  11. Just returned from Landa with my wife. We stayed at room no 4 and it was excellent. The caretaker(Samantha) was so helpful and made our stay memorable. Rasitha

  12. This is a nice place for relaxation.. I just returned from a wonderful weekend with my hubby. The food was very tasty and my special thank goes to Manike for preparing those lovely food. The hospitality was very good.

    We stayed in Room #1 and it was a nice spacious room. Had a worthy stay at Landa.

  13. This place was amazing and the staff is very helpful. Current Rate Rs. 3800/- per room on a Friday. Thank you for your blogs.