Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Trevene Hotel Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka Hotel Review - Trevene Bungalow

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Nuwara Eliya is one of those places I absolutely require some colonial splendor. I mean, it's little England, after all. But, recently, when visiting there for work I found myself unable to fit the Hill Club, which is my usual haunt, into our accommodation budget. So we had to limbo lower but, really, how low could we go?

Pretty low as it turned out. The Trevene Hotel  is a place I've always wanted to visit because the bungalow  looked nice, the TripAdvisor reviews were positive and the rate - LKR 2500 room only - was ultra low. But we were a little worried - at that rate, what horrors lay in wait for us?

Our first impression of the Hotel Trevene was pretty good. We pulled in through Park Road - which is one way at certain times - and drove up a steep hill, past the usual vegetable plots that all Nuwara Eliya houses have, to the entrance.

Immediately, the garden made a positive impression. Beautifully maintained, it has a view of the (Victoria?) Nuwara Eliya town park.

Once inside, the living / dining areas were pretty nice and the bedrooms - I asked to see the others as well being the hotel nerd I am - were huge and many of the bathrooms were new. However, we did change rooms from the one we had the first time so - as with all Sri Lankan hotels - please check your room out and ask for a change if it isn't up to spec. (Some of the rooms have no garden view so remember to specify that also when booking.)

Activity wise, one of the things we like to do in Nuwara Eliya is walk around town because of the usually awesome climate. The race course, park, golf club and Lake Gregory and Milano bakery / hotel - amazing fish buns! - are all within a decent walk of the Trevene. So, if you get here by train - take a tuk tuk from the Nanu Oya train station - you shouldn't need a car.

Overall, we were quite pleased with Trevene. The manager was nice and friendly to us locals. The food, represented here by the club sandwich which is our basis for judgement in certain types of hotels, was decent. And that Chubby Checker rate is just unbeatable for decent lodging anywhere in Nuwara Eliya.

Hotel Name:The Trevene Hotel
Address: No.17,Park Road, Nuwaraeliya,Sri Lanka
Rates:We paid LKR 2,500 R/O
Telephone:+94 52 2222767 , +94 77 3456345
E-Mail : ,
Website: http://

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  1. Thank you for this sounds an absoulutely lovely place

  2. Looks quite good!

    Thanks for the lead :)

  3. Hello !!

    I am the owner of this Hotel. I don't know who has written this about The Trevene but thank you soo much for sharing your experience at our place. I appreciate you took the time for it and comments from the guests are very important to us.

    Hope to see you back with us.

    Happy new year 2011 !

    1. Hello, we are two couples, golfers, and we are looking at hotels in Sri Lanka for a period of at least 30 days from around the 5th of November. Could you please give us prices, per room, and any other details that might be of use. i.e., is the 'Monsoon' season over, whats the humidity and temperatures at that time of the year. etc, Thank you, Bob.

  4. abaout the mela this is a good bloge

  5. Nice review but why have you used the word "horrors"? Being "concerned" would be a better way to review such a nice place.