Monday, August 4, 2008

Rice and Curry on the A1 (Colombo Puttalam Road) - Road Food

Driving on Sri Lankan rural roads is heaven. The main roads are usually carpeted, well maintained and traffic-free. But I also mean it in an aesthetic sense: rural roads here are surrounded by lush greenery, ancient trees, flowers (which I struggle to grow in my own garden) growing wild, lakes, sea, beach, cloudless blue skies and sunsets.

But what is usually difficult to find is a nice place to eat in the midst of this splendor. Usually, it's a dark, dank shop where the tables face the road and the view is only used to dump garbage from the kitchen. The rice and curries in such places are usually good but it is really difficult to find a place which lets in at least some of the beauty of the surroundings while you gorge on far too much rice and a tiny little bit of curry.

After many, many trips, my wife found this little place, a bath kade, on the A1 which runs from Colombo to Puttalam, which goes some way towards bridging this gap. It is at the 63rd km post on the A1 where on the land side you see a sign "Little Hut Bath Buffet."

It is a tiny little place but where you sit is in the greenery as you can see from the photos. The food is quite good with quite a bit of variety. It cost around Rs 150 for a meat rice and curry (mas kaama, dude!)

Restaurant Name: Little Hut Bath Buffet
Address: 63km post, Colombo-Puttalam Rd (about 1.5 hrs out of Colombo on a good day)

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  1. A 1? isn't the A1 the col - Kandy road?