Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Victoria Golf Club Chalets Digana Kandy Sri Lanka Hotel Review

view of golf course from victoria golf course chalets
(Updated Sep 2010)

We visited the Chalets at Victoria Golf Course last year as a one night stopover on the way from Dambulla to Nuwara Eliya. We needed a place to stay in Kandy and we just didn't want to stay in the usual city hotels with their abundance of cement and steel. A friend recommended the Chalets and, even though they're a bit out of the way - Digana is 15 to 20 min from Kandy town -we thought, what the hey and went.

The drive there was really pretty - something you can't usually say about Kandy hotels - because you're driving through part of the Victoria reservoir which is protected land. The flowers along the road mocked me - I spend hours with my plants at home but barely get a single bloom out of them - but here they were in all different colours and sizes, without any K46, pruning, or insecticide.

bed room interior / inside of victoria golf course chaletsThe rooms here are little freestanding chalets as per the name and quite well appointed. What pervades the room is an air of quality: everything in the room just feels right. The room we were given opened right onto the golf course, which was great because, in my opinion, better than playing golf is watching someone else suffer through it.

toilet / bath room victoria golf course chaletsThere's the usual TV and DVD player but it was the bathroom that really impressed us. My wife said it was probably the coolest bathroom she'd seen hotels for this or any price. Black rock walls and all that, yes, but also very good quality shampoo, whereas most places give you little packets of Sunsilk if that.

The food is ordered and delivered from the golf club itself. The menu is pretty varied and the prices are good. We liked the whole deal because it was both cheap and good. With accomodation in Kandy, you usually only get to pick one (or none!).

Hotel Name: Victoria Golf Course Chalets
Address: Digana, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 81 237 6376 / 0777 258730
Rates (all inclusive): As of Sep 2010, The Room Only Rate per night is approx LKR 6,325 Sun-Thu and 7,425 Fri-Sat. All meals are ordered a la carte.


  1. Hi seems a great place...

    how are the prices for food on the a la carte menu here?

  2. I should say food (specially lunch) is terrible.these people are charge 700+++ for per plate but it totally far as I concern If they can charge more doesn't matter providing good lunch because for srilankan we need taste.Room service side you have to improve.Golf course is superb.............. service also good.