Saturday, September 6, 2008

Burger's King - Mr Burger King - Malay St Chicken Shawarma - Fast Food Colombo Sri Lanka

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Naming conventions are an odd thing in Sri Lanka. Many shops have rip off names, taking a well known name and modifying it just a little bit. Whether it's a little guy running a pastry shop called Move'n'Pick (Dharmapala Mw), a medium guy running a clothes store called Opel (Ethul Kotte Rd) or a big guy running a security firm called Ceylinco CISCO (everywhere, it seems), this is an accepted part of Sri Lankan business life.

Accordingly, the son of the fabled Nana's (the name of which was ripped off over and over again - there must be ten thousand Nana's in Sri Lanka) has set up Mr Burger King. Leaving alone the debate as to whether a royal personage could be referred to "Mister," we can instead focus on the food. And the location.

Mr Burger King is imaginatively located in Colombo 2 on the pavement next to the intersection of Malay St and Union Place: the one where you can go straight to go to Taj/Holiday Inn or turn right to Trans Asia.

MRBK is a cart with a grill next to it. They have placed a canopy right next to it with four plastic chairs so as to accomodate a more settled dining experience, with the aroma of diesel fumes and sounds of bus engines adding just an ambient touch of class. (It probably also makes the meat taste smokier so it's all good!)

Mr Burger King sells burgers (chicken! yuck!), fries and shawarma (chicken! yum!). The burgers - Keells chicken burgers - are ok. The fries that come with the burger, though, are worth ordering the burger for: well done with baby-bear-from-Goldilocks levels of crispiness and salt.

But the main event here, despite the name, is the shawarma. The bread for the shawarma - made at the owner's home - is fresh and warm. The chicken is pretty well marinated and smoked (the diesel fumes can't but help add flavour) and the sauce is excellent.

The chicken shawarma costs LKR 120 and the chicken burger costs LKR 100. As a cliche spewing TV newscast presenter would say: "MRBK may have ripped off the name but they sure don't rip you off!"

Restaurant Name: Mr Burger King
Address: Pavement on intersection of Malay St and Union Place
Phone: Are you f***ing kidding me? "Hello, MRBK, I'd like to reserve a pavement for two."
You can park your car on Malay St just past the intersection.
The guys will come to the car and bring food to it: service levels are better than Pilawoos.
Go early (say 7-8pm) as it only stays open till the food sells out

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(click here to see more reviews of fast food places in Sri Lanka)


  1. Thanks heaps for ur wonderful reviews dude. Will be checkin out these places when I visit SL with the wife.

  2. Ceylinco CISCO is owned by Ceylinco.

  3. It's not the Ceylinco part that's ripped off, it's the CISCO part. CISCO is a gigantic router manufacturer which could buy Ceylinco with its daily payroll.

  4. No fan of Ceylinco but Ceylinco-CISCO is a partnership with a Singapore based security transportation company called CISCO.

  5. This chap continues on with serving tastier food than what is available at most major franchises. It has become one of my fav haunts.

    Thanks Foodie. Please post mor photos if possible of the other food items as well......

  6. good food!please start delivering!!

  7. veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerry tasty food but you should have more branches specialy in MARADANA and improve in customer service other than that superb food

  8. ya... they sell some good burgers there!!! Love the place!!

  9. jayawewa. really awesome, like number 4 on your menu.!

  10. nice review man...interesting !

  11. Definitely better than any international burger chains in SL...but the food is still junk food, so it's unhealthy...Shouldn't eat there often

  12. My mail to “Burger King”

    Hallo “Burger King” team,

    Attention to the high management and the franchise takers

    I came to your “Burger King Restaurant” and became very disappointed. In the menu was not one single original product of Burger King like:
    WHOPPER® Sandwich
    WHOPPER® Sandwich with Cheese
    DOUBLE WHOPPER® Sandwich
    DOUBLE WHOPPER® Sandwich with Cheese
    TRIPLE WHOPPER® Sandwich
    WHOPPER JR.® Sandwich
    WHOPPER JR.® Sandwich with Cheese
    Double Hamburger
    Double Cheeseburger
    BK® Bacon Burger
    Bacon Cheeseburger
    Double Bacon Cheeseburger
    BK® Single Stacker
    BK® Double Stacker
    TENDERGRILL® Chicken Sandwich
    TENDERCRIP® Chicken Sandwich
    Chicken Crisp Sandwich- classic
    Home-style Chicken Strips- 3pc
    Chicken Nuggets- 6pc
    Country Pork Sandwich
    Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich
    And many more

    When I enter a Burger King Restaurant worldwide I can choose from the above international menu which quality and taste is much better than McDonalds. Not all products are sold worldwide but the most important Burger King products you can get worldwide in every Burger King Restaurant.

    But in your “Burger King” Restaurants I cannot get even a single product of the international range.

    You are selling rubbish of sub world standard.

    Please explain what the following products you are selling have to do with Burger King:
    Chicken Gammon Steak Burger
    Chicken Cordon Bleu Burger
    Big Roast Chicken Burger
    Chicken Charly Burger
    Chicken Fanan Burger
    Chicken Tandori Burger
    Big Roast Beef Burger
    Grilled Beef Burger
    Butter Prawn Burger
    Beef Kebab
    Grilled Chicken
    Chicken Jumbo Sausage
    Farmer Sausage
    Chicken Charwarma
    And others

    All your products have nothing to do with Burger King Products.

    With this sub standard products of poor quality you are spoiling the name of Burger King and you are misleading your customers.

    When you want to sell Sri Lankan food than please change your name, e.g. Sri Lanka Fast Food King or Chicken King. At present you restaurant falls in the same substandard category like Carlton or Perera & Sons.

    These lousy fast food products you cannot sell under the worldwide famous name Burger King which is well known for perfect international quality.

    In the next days I will send a report to Burger King Singapore and Burger King USA what kind of lousy food you sell under the Name of Burger King.

    My best regards
    Lord J. Wolfstein

    1. You really are a moron. If you know so much about Burger King International you should have noticed at the first instance that this place has a different logo than them. They don't have to change their name just because of some overseas company have the same name. Also just because you have a weak stomach and a weak immunity system don't insult it as a place with sub-standard food.

  13. Now these guys have varieties and own the place... Shawarma is the best yet...!

  14. This is for the convinience of people who doesnt know that this is BURGER'S KING and not BURGER KING. You'll cant expect International Original food from Sri Lanka. And also this burger's king is not a franchisee of the burger king. If anyone has gone to other countries and have tasted Mc. Donald's or KFC Food and if u have tasted the same here then u will find out that they tastes different. So what i got to tell is that there is no such reason for anyone to get disappointed because this is the best place i have ever tasted this delicious burgers in sri lanka. (im a journalist) so if anybody wants to find international menu's so pls do go abroad and find yourselves a delicious meal.

  15. Does anyone know where can I get a supplier contact for that shawarma wrapper oil paper.. I'm looking for that specific paper material...